How to Maximize a Small Space

By: Kevin Latam

How to Maximize a Small Space

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Do you live in a dwelling with small spaces?  Little room can have it’s difficulties, however, creating a cozy space through smart design can make it feel like the perfect place to call home.  It takes planning and calculation to make a space that is multifunctional and aestethically pleasing to the eye.  Here are a few tips to help you transform your rooms that are lacking in square footage into beautiful and comfortable spaces.

Create Storage Space for Everyday Items

Mess is a constant in little spaces, and the more storage solutions you utilize, the cleaner and more settled your rooms will feel.  Think of how you’d like to store the essentials that belong in each room.  For example; rectanglar wall shelf units work well for open storage of larger items, like folded towels in a bathroom.  Hooks on the backs of doors can effectively hide items you’d hang up like bathrobes.

Create Storage in Hidden and Unused Spaces

There are many great storage options for under-the-bed or other hidden spaces that otherwise go underutilized.  Seasonal items such as decorations or summer clothes can be easily stored out of sight under the bed or couch, freeing up space in your closet. 

Minimize the amount of furniture you have

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t maximize on style! The nice thing about living in a small space is you don’t need as much furniture.  Make the few pieces you do have special and eye-catching.  A beautiful headboard in your bedroom or an eye-catching entertainment unit can make small interiors fun and enjoyable!

Take Advantage of vertical and hidden storage space

In a small space, vertical and hidden storage is your best friend.  For storing collectibles, books, and other small items try a tall display storage wall unit.  Open shelving throughout the space createsareas into which you can tuck designer inspired storage boxes of your everyday essentials.
What are your tricks for creating extra space in your small dwelling? Let us know in the comments below!

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