Easy home staging tips for homeowners

By: Kevin Latam

Easy home staging tips for homeowners

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Would-be sellers are always looking for ways to make their home stand out in the real estate market.  While the economic climate is beyond the property owner’s control, they can increase their chance of making a great sale by taking advantage of an overlooked technique in the real estate market – home staging.
The main goal of home staging is for the potential buyer to mentally picture what life could be like living at the seller’s home.  If the buyer can’t feel or see themselves in the home, they are unlikly to put in an offer.

Wow Them with the Outside to get them Inside.

The first thing a potential buyer notices about a home is not the kitchen, but the yard.  There is a misconception that home staging happens in the interior only, but in reality, the outside needs to be staged too in order to get the potential buyers inside.  Grass should be cut, hedges trimmed, leaves raked, and sidewalks cleaned.  Go a step further and power-wash the driveway for ultimate curp appeal.

Pretend You’re Traveling

When you are traveling, you only take the necessary items, right?  Clutter will always make a room appear small.  It’s a good idea to go through every room in the house and separate items into two categories:  “stay” and “go”.  Items in the “stay” category will be used to stage the room, while items in the “go” category should be stored elsewhere. Although a decluttered room may appear bare to you, the potential buyer won’t think so.  You’re not selling your belongings, you are selling the space.  It’s difficult for buyers to visualize the space when there is too much stuff in the room.
Hard and Soft Surface Symmetry

When staging a room it’s essential to have a nice balance of hard surfaces, such as a coffee table, and soft surfaces, like an area rug.  Too much of one or the other will make the room feel unbalanced.

View the Room from the Doorway

Potential buyers form their first impressions of each room in the home from the doorway, so you should use that viewpoint to evaluate your staging work.  Always return to the doorway after the room is staged to assess and make necessary changes to the room.  This way, you will be looking at the room like a potential buyer would be, ensuring that each space is visually appealing from first glance.
Make your Place “White Glove Clean”

A properly staged home should be immaculate “white glove clean”.   That means removing debris and dust from windowsills, and cleaning areas that you may forget from time to time.   The reason for having the house spotless is more than just to make it presentable.  If the home is sloppy, the potential buyer may question what other – less visable issues may come with the property.
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